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Curriculum Reviews

Indians of Northwest California
...how easily teachers will be able to integrate these lessons into their curriculum with justification that will make their principals proud. The units are well done and include background information for the teacher about the people of northwestern California, teaching strategies, reproducible pages of student activities, bibliographies, stories, photos and drawings. The editorial staff included teachers well-versed in grade level curriculum but the staff also scanned ethnographies, historical photos, and community members and came up with detailed content not usually available to teachers."

"I really liked two things emphasized in the introduction to this
curriculum guide - the units are about specific tribes, and they use
the present tense."
from News from Native California, Vol 7, No. 2, Spring 1993, pgs. 40-41

"This book provides well-developed curriculum centering on local Native American culture. It is a selection of history, social science, and literature curriculum units. Units are made for elementary students, but can be adapted for many grade levels."
from: www.lib.calpoly.edu/departments

A Time of Resistance
"This is an integrated thematic unit on Native American Indians and their perspective on the invasion of California by the Spaniards and their missions. With time lines, activities, a bibliography, and worksheets this book should be used by every fourth grade teacher to complete their Social Science Curriculum standard requirements, as well as inspire the Native American Indian Students that are in the class."
from: http://www.humboldt.edu/~hsuitepp/crc/gold.htm

"These are thought-provoking activities and readings about the impact of the missions on California Indians. Brief background readings and several primary resources set the context for the activities, including graphing the nutrition of Indian versus Spanish foods, making timelines and population charts, as well as poetry and analysis of various viewpoints and data from the era. Readers see the Native American point of view in a well-thought-out group of exercises. Use all or part. Some is for more thoughtful classrooms, but this is a fine and unique resource."
from: http://www.bookhandler.com/California-Indians.html

"I wanted to write to you to let you know how wonderful your Time of Resistance book was for my fourth graders. Instead of only learning the Spanish perspective that our history books are plagued with, my students were able to learn about the Native American side of the Mission and Spanish invasion story. We hope to share the wonderful information from your book with others in our community."
from: a 4th grade teacher, Napa, CA