Klamath-Trinity Joint Unified School District

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CSEA Negotiations Update


On April 30, 2018, the District and CSEA’s negotiating teams met for negotiations. The District’s negotiations team included Carmie Hostler, Laura Lee George, Paula Wyant, Ginger Reeves, Trisha Cisneros, and Dean Adams. CSEA’s negotiations team included Nena Hames, Billie Sanderson, Haylee Gibbens, Denise George, Gael Stallings, Kathy Hofacker and Mark Ahrens.

During negotiations, the District and CSEA reach agreement regarding Article 3 (Job Descriptions), Article 7 (Wages), Article 9 (Health and Welfare), Article 12 (Spousal and Veterans Leave), Article 20 (Duration), and a retirement incentive. CSEA withdrew proposals regarding Article 11 (Vacations) and Article 9 (SDI) for the current negotiations. More >

Board of Trustees

Meet the Board, attend the meetings, get involved! Current board agenda and packet can be found by clicking the link. More >

School in Session 5/25

There will be school for staff and students on May 25. On the original 2017-18 School Calendar, this day was marked as a Snow Day. Due to the closures we have had this past winter, school will be in session on that day. At the April 10th Regular Board Meeting, the Board approved a revised 2017-18 School Calendar that reflects this change. More >

Our Schools

All of our schools now have their own websites.

Check them out! More >

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